A Chill from my Closet

I like the house that I live in, but I found a peculiar thing earlier. I felt this chill reaching out to me from the front door closet. When I entered there, it was freezing. Like my breath was showing, and it was the coldest place I’ve been in since Wisconsin in February. I investigated, and the place was airtight. There is no place that is especially cold in the way that would hint at being the location of the cold itself.

The faucet

So I did the only thing that I know how. I called around and asked for help. Eventually settling on this one local company for help, which they offered up graciously. When the worker arrived, I had a hard time speaking to them because I don’t speak Spanish. But he said something about Gato? Then he proceeded to sneeze all throughout the service.

When the worker came in, he did a general overview before checking the closet. He said something about it being very cold, but he had a hard time speaking, probably because of the cat. But he asked me for a glass of water and then shut the door. I went to grab the water and took my time. But it was strange. The faucet almost wouldn’t work. The water just came out very slow.

I could barely finish a glass, and I wasn’t going to offer a guest a drink without preparing myself one too, so I had to stand there and fill up another glass of water, and it probably took about two minutes while I was filling up the glasses. Then when I got to the closet, he was gone! He left his bag and just left. I don’t understand; I didn’t even hear him leave.

To make up for it, I’ve just decided to check through his bag and was able to find some red duct tape. So I just took the duct tape and sealed off the door, made sure none of that cold air could escape. From there I just went back to what I usually do. I sat down in my chair and stared at the manilla envelope. I haven’t opened it yet; I’m not sure that I want to. Maybe tomorrow.

the envelope

EDIT: Okay, so I decided to open the envelope. There are two pages, one is written in something presumably Arabic, and the other is in plain English. Brass Whistle, Low B. It’s hard to be clearer than that. So I just have to make it happen, also in the manilla envelope was probably half a million dollars. But that’s pretty standard at this point; I only make a whistle every couple of months, and I’ve only just recently started to make these. I had no idea that boat whistles would be that expensive otherwise I would have jumped into this profession much sooner.  So I think I’ll start working on that, just have to see who in the nearby area has brass. Strangely enough, I think I may have seen a brass cylinder in that gentleman’s bag.